The BA in Communication program provides students with a deeper understanding of the critical analytical frames in the field of communication. It offers specializations in Broadcast Communication, Journalism, or Speech Communication. The program allows these disciplines to share a core curriculum, providing a basis for the discussion of affinities in their substantive concerns, conceptual frameworks, methodologies and objectives. The concentration courses give the program a focus, while the option to minor in one of three areas (Broadcast Communication, Journalism, or Speech Communication), provide opportunities to develop skills and to explore the interrelatedness of the communication disciplines. Moreover, it aims to produce graduates who are creative, adaptive and innovative in the use of communication media while enunciating an ethical stance and communication accountability to raise social and cultural consciousness and responsiveness.

Retention Policy

A 2.75 average for all upper level courses (major and minor courses) shall be required of all college majors. Students who fail to meet the 2.75 average requirement for these upper level courses shall be put on probation the following semester. Failure to reach the required average even after this probation period shall mean disqualification from the program.

Program Checklists

Courses Offered



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