Broadcast Communication Courses

BC 100 (Introduction to Broadcasting)
Scope and significance of broadcasting activities in regional, national and international broadcasting systems, including studies in the development of broadcasting as an information and entertainment industry.

BC 101 (Broadcast Operations & Performance)
Studio and OffStudio production operations and performance skills for radio, television and related media.

BC 103 (Fundamentals of Broadcast Writing)
Introduction to basic techniques in dramatic & non-dramatic writing for broadcast media. Prereq: BC 100

BC 104 (Broadcast Announcing)
Principles and practice of broadcast announcing.

BC 107 (Broadcast News)
Radio & TV as information media. Gathering, writing, editing, delivery & presentation of radio & TV news.
Prereq: BC 101

BC 108 (Field Reporting)
On-the-spot coverage of events for radio and television.
Prereq: BC 107

BC 110 (Broadcast Music)
Music as a primary program content/ element; musical genres; musical reality TV shows; music on the internet.

BC 111 (Broadcast Media and Society)
A critical analysis of how broadcast and related media influence and are influenced by society.
Prereq: BC 100

BC 120 (Documentary for Broadcast and Related Media)
Principles and production of documentary programs for radio, television, and related media.
Prereq: BC 103

BC 122 (Broadcast Drama)
Production of programs under the dramatic genre for radio, television, and related media; serials, drama anthologies, situational comedy programs, and musicals.
Prereq: BC 103

BC 123 (Entertainment Production)
Production of entertainment programs for radio, television, and related media; the variety show, game show, reality show, magazine show, and talk show.
Prereq: BC 103

BC 124 (Educational Programs)
Principles and production of educational and instructional programs for radio, television, and related media.
Prereq: BC 103

BC 130 (Program Planning & Building)
Concepts & methods of broadcast programming, program building & promotion.
Prereq: BC 101

BC 131 (Broadcast Promotion & Merchandising)
Introduction to radio and TV advertising as determined by station reach and listenership, commercial sponsorship, industry rates, talent costs and market analyses.
Prereq: BC 100

BC 132 (Broadcast Management)
Fundamentals of management of a broadcast organization involving aspects of business, structure and production.
Prereq: BC 130

BC 195 (Special Topics in Broadcast Communication)
Issues, concerns, current research about broadcast and related media.
Prereq: BC 111

BC 198 (Broadcast Internship)
Practical application of theories, principles and techniques in broadcasting through studio and field work in broadcast media outfits.
Prereq: BC 130


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