The BA in Language and Literature (BALL) program provides a balanced study of language and literature, in English and Filipino. The program interfaces language and literature and underlines their integrated significance in everyday life, through its core courses on relevant theories, critical approaches, research methods, and pedagogy. It aims to promote awareness and understanding of the various cultures of the Philippines, with emphasis on the linguistic and literary traditions of Northern Luzon.


1. To produce graduates who are adequately trained in both areas of language and literature.
2. To promote the study, enrichment, preservation and appreciation of the languages and literatures of the Philippines.
3. To contribute to the development of competent language and literature teachers.
4. To provide baccalaureate training which will measure up to the admission standards of related post-baccalaureate programs such as the College’s Master of Arts in Language and Literature.
5. To realize the mission and vision of the College, specifically to foster and sustain an atmosphere for students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes of a graduate of the University.

Learning Outcomes

Every graduate of the BALL program should be able to:

1. Demonstrate proficiency in language and literature studies;
2. Contribute to the enrichment of the languages and literatures of the Philippines;
3. Engage in academic and scholarly activities for the enhancement of language and literature in education;
4. Qualify for post-baccalaureate programs; and
5. Exemplify the knowledge, skills and attributes of a UP graduate.

Attributes Of A BALL Graduate

a) critical thinker;
b) able to formulate sound arguments and express creativity that is relevant, timely and innovative;
c) articulate and competent in English and Filipino;
d) culturally grounded on Cordillera and Northern Luzon indigenous knowledge systems and practices;
e) engaged in community issues, research-oriented, and attuned with the workings of the industry.

Admission Policy

University rules and policies on admission and transfer will be followed. Graduates of pocredited high schools may be admitted as into the BALL program on the basis of their (I]) performance in the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). (2] weighted average in the first three years of high school, and (3) choice of UP college/unit.

Foreign applicants and students transferring from other schools may be admitted, provided requirements set by the University are met.

Retention Policy

A student in the BALL program must maintain a cumulative average of 2.75 or higher in all BALL Program courses and required Arts and Humanities GEs (Arts 1, Comm 10 and Wika 1) to remain in the BALL program. The cumulative average of 2.75 or better must be maintained until the 2nd semester of junior year. Should a student fail to meet the retention rate, s/he shall be put on probation with the requirement to earn a cumulative average of 2.75 or better the following semester. The student shall be disqualified from the program if s/he fails to meet this requirement.

Shifting Policy

Any student who wishes to shift to BALL should have completed a minimum of 30-credit units (Major subjects and GEs) with an earned average grade of 2.50 or higher. GEs completed from any College should at least be 9 units.

Program Curriculum and Structure


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