Certificate in Fine Arts


The Certificate in Fine Arts (CFA) is a 3-year program that introduces the student to various areas of the visual arts. Designed to tap the indigenous cultures of Northern Luzon as sources of artistic inspiration, it provides many opportunities to utilize alternative sources of materials for art production. A CFA student can proceed to the BFA upon completion of the certificate program.


1. To produce graduates who are well trained and highly versatile in both studio art practices and visual design and communication, as well as in traditional and contemporary art making, and in art history, theory and research in the visual arts.
2. To promote the study, enrichment and preservation of the traditional and contemporary art forms in the Philippines.
3. To contribute to the development of Fine Arts students who can measure up to the standards of admission into bachelor’s programs in Fine Arts and allied fields.

Admission Policy

For applicants to the Certificate in Fine Arts program, a GWA of 80% or better based on 4th year HS grades, in lieu of the UPCAT, is required. In addition, applicants must pass the Talent Determination Test (TDT] which is administered by the program.

Retention Policy

A student in the BFA or CFA program must maintain a cumulative average of 2.50 or higher in all sophomore- and junior-level BFA/CFA courses to remain in the BFA or CFA program. The cumulative average of 2.50 or better must be maintained until the 2nd semester of junior year. Should a student fail to meet the retention rate, s/he shall be put on probation with the requirement to earn a cumulative average of 2.50 or better the following semester. The student shall be disqualified from the program if s/he fails to meet this requirement.

Shifting Policy

Any student who wishes to shift to BFA or CFA should have accomplished the following requirements: a) completed a minimum of 30-credit units, b) earned a 2.50 average for all GE courses taken, and c) passed the Talent Determination Test (TDT), interview and portfolio reviews which are all conducted only once every midyear.

Program Curriculum and Structure


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