Journalism Courses

JOURN 101 (Introduction to Journalism)
History, functions, principles & standards of journalism; problems & techniques of reporting; types of news & features.

JOURN 102 (News writing)
Elements of news, methods of gathering news & organizing & writing of news stories. Practical application of principles.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 103 (Interpretive Journalism)
Reporting beyond basic facts, providing context, analysis, and consequences. Includes writing the editorial, columns/opinion, and commentary.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 104 (News Editing)
Function, responsibilities & symbols of copy reading; headline writing, page make-up & use of pictures; the copydesk & how it operates.
Prereq: Journ 102

JOURN 105 (Feature Writing)
Application of basic concepts in writing the soft news. Students learn to recognize good story ideas and to write features stories.
Prereq: Journ 102

JOURN 106 (Investigative Reporting)
Development of reportorial and analytical skills and techniques required for evaluating newsworthy events that have significant impact on public interest.
Prereq: Journ 102

JOURN 107 (Community Journalism)
Discussions on problems, concerns and the practice of community journalism.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 108 (Specialized Reporting)
Theory and practice of reporting on any of the following areas: public affairs, finance and business, environment, science and health, peace and ethnic concerns, sports, and arts and entertainment.
Prereq: Journ 102

JOURN 110 (Publications Management)
Fundamentals of management of publishing organization, services, staffing, production, finances and community relations.
Prereq: Journ 104

JOURN 111 (Magazine Writing & Production)
Analysis & preparation of various types of magazines including industrial publications.
Prereq: Journ 104

JOURN 112 (Photo Journalism)
Principles and practice of photo coverage of news events.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 113 (Online Journalism)
Principles of and trends in news and public affairs posting on the Internet.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 114 (Social Media and Blogging)
Roles, operations, and functions of social media and blogging in journalism.
Prereq: Junior Standing

JOURN 115 (Lifestyle Journalism)
Journalism in various consumer-oriented fields.
Prereq: Junior Standing

JOURN 124 (Advanced Photo Journalism)
Documentary and ethnographic photography; intermediate techniques in photography.
Prereq: Journ 112

JOURN 125 (Advanced Feature Writing)
Intermediate concepts and practice in feature writing with focus on journalistic narratives.
Prereq: Journ 105

JOURN 132 (Advertising & Public Relations)
Fundamentals of advertising and of public relations as they apply to government, private corporations, and non-government organizations.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 195 (Special Topics in Journalism)
Issues, concerns, and current research on journalism.
Prereq: Journ 101

JOURN 198 (Journalism Internship)
Practical application of theories, principles and techniques in journalism through desk and field work in print media outfits.
Prereq: Journ 104


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