Core Communication Courses

COMM 100 (Introduction to Communication)
Survey of the development of communication, focusing on the nature, types, levels and dimensions of communication.

COMM 109 (Laws on Communication and Media)
Laws and regulations on Philippine media and communication.
Prereq: Comm 100

COMM 140 (Communication Theory)
Examination of major theories on the nature and processes of communication and its interrelationship with other areas or disciplines.
Prereq: Comm 100

COMM 150 (Communication Ethics)
A study of ethical principles as applied in different areas of communication. Explores the ethical questions facing communicators and the origins and implications of commonly accepted ethical standards.
Prereq: Comm 100

COMM 199.1 (Communication Research Methods)
Survey of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods; strategies and approaches in communication research.
Prereq: Comm 140

COMM 199.2 (Thesis Proposal Writing)
Preparation and writing of a research proposal in communication.
Prereq: Comm 199.1

COMM 200 (Thesis)
Prereq: Comm 199.2


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