Speech Communication Courses

SC 101 (Introduction to Speech Communication)
Introduction to the various areas of speech communication and their interrelatedness; the study of speech communication models and processes.

SC 102 (Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication)
Understanding of the speech communication process within the individual; study on cognition, feelings and experiences and their relationship to various interpersonal settings.
Prereq: SC 101

SC 104 (Nonverbal Communication)
Nonverbal codes and covert subcodes; functions of nonverbal communication in various contexts.
Prereq: SC 101

SC 115 (Bases of Speech Communication)
The acoustic, physiological, phonetic, psychological and socio-cultural foundations of speech communication.
Prereq: SC 101

SC 118 (Listening)
The processes of listening in various speech communication contexts.
Prereq: SC 115

SC 121 (Oral Interpretation)
The reading of prose & poetry with emphasis on variety, range & expression; the development of adequate responsiveness – intellectual & emotional appreciation of others.

SC 124 (Performance Art)
The aesthetics, theories and principles of experimental methods of interpreting and performing literature.

SC 130 (Culture and Speech Communication)
Speech communication as defined in various cultural settings; analysis of cultural and inter-cultural speech communication to enhance sensitivity and ability to recognize, accept and adapt to cultural diversity.
Prereq: SC 115

SC 133 (Argumentation)
Principles of argumentation — analysis, evidence, reasoning, fallacies & briefing, with application in public speaking, discussion & debate. Development of capacity to reply extemporaneously to objections. Practice in argumentative composition & delivery.

SC 136 (Rhetoric and Forms of Public Address)
Analysis of the public sphere, schema of persuasion and the construction of forms and types of public address.
Prereq: SC 115

SC 137 (Group Communication)
Principles, processes and practices of group communication.
Prereq: SC 115

SC 140 (Introduction to Organizational Communication)
Introduction to the processes and structures in organizational communication; a survey of the various levels of communication, with emphasis on the development and functions of organizational communication.
Prereq: SC 137

SC 190 (Speech Communication Planning)
Speech principles and skills related to the needs of varied groups and educational and organizational systems; emphasis on speech communication problems and needs and planning speech communication programs.
Prereq: SC 137

SC 195 (Special Topics in Speech Communication)
Issues and trends in various areas of speech communication.
Prereq: SC 115



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