About The Department


First implemented in 1997-1998, the Master of Arts in Language and Literature (MALL) Program emerged from the same vision when the Diploma in Language and Literature
Program of then Humanities Division was instituted in 1995, namely to address the need in the CAR and other neighboring regions for quality education in language and literature as
two separate tracks of specialization. After seven years of implementation, a curricular review in 2004 recommended a revision to make the curriculum follow a dual language and literature specialization to serve the needs of its clientele who follow an integrated approach in their language education curriculum.

About 90 percent of its clientele come from the various levels of the educational sector. Particularly in support of tertiary level teachers, the MALL program has been CHED’s
delivering program for its Faculty Development Program to improve the quality of instruction in tertiary level schools in Northern Luzon.

At present, the MALL program follows the Thesis track, which provides the students a rigorous research experience to prepare them for a doctoral education or to enable them to engage in research as academics.

Program Curriculum and Structure