Asst. Prof. Jermaine V. Beltran

College Secretary, College of Arts and Communication
Assistant Professor of Broadcast Communication
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JERMAINE V. BELTRAN is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at the University of the Philippines Baguio College of Arts and Communication (UPB-CAC). He also serves as the College Secretary. He recently graduated from the University of the Philippines Open University under the Master of Development Communication program. His research interests involve studies on the state of journalism, broadcasting, and social media in the Philippines. He serves the community in speaking and teaching engagements in schools, universities, and private companies. He is also sought as a consultant for UPB events and technical advice, especially for documentation of events and social media marketing. Before joining the academe, he worked as a news reporter in ABS-CBN Baguio, TV5 Manila (News5), and Channel News Asia (Singapore). Beyond his work, he is a freelance videographer and content editor.

Master of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Open University, Philippines (Dean’s List)
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, University of the Philippines Baguio, Philippines (cum laude)

BC 108 – (BC Elective) Field Reporting
JOURN 132 – (Journ Elective) Advertising and Public Relations

Media studies
Journalists’ Welfare


Journal Articles

  • Beltran, J.V. (2017). The emergence of the Philippine “anti-media”: The Duterte factor. Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi 14(1). doi: 10.24002/jik.v14i1.833

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Beltran, J.V. (2018). Breaking the silence: The use of color bars. In Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication, Bangkok, Thailand, Vol. 4, (68-75). TIIKM. doi: 10.17501/medcom.2018.4108



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